Under the Gun

Be a Responsible Gun Owner

We can all agree that senseless gun violence and death must end, regardless of political affiliation or gun ownership status. And Under the Gun shows us that there is common ground in the debate – the majority of gun owners support universal background checks and other common-sense gun laws. We need citizens from both sides of the debate to join the conversation, listen to each other and take meaningful action to end gun violence.

In order to end this polarization, we need citizens from both sides to be willing to join the conversation, listen to each other, and take meaningful actions to end gun violence.

As a responsible gun owner, here are some things you can do to make a difference…


The most powerful thing you can do is speak up against gun violence. Help shift the gun debate conversation from us vs. them to one of collective responsibility and help make us safer. We need you to add your voice as a responsible gun owner.


Does the NRA speak for you? Or do you support common sense gun reforms like universal background checks and closing the loopholes that let dangerous people purchase guns? Join with other responsible gun owners and quit the NRA. Tear up your card, post it on social media, and send them a powerful message!


Store your gun safely and talk to friends and family about the importance of responsible gun storage.